About Us

Our History

Creating memorable brand experiences for 80 years & counting
Since 1938, we’ve followed the belief that a wealth of creative minds can craft experiences that rise beyond any challenge. Ideas and solutions can come from any member of our team, and when we put them together with you, we can achieve beyond traditional limits.
We believe we can create opportunities to enrich people's lives by helping one another achieve something greater than what we thought possible.
We will foster stronger personal connections by creating environments that inspire people to realize what’s possible.
To be the future-forward creator of brand solutions that enlightens, inspires, & transforms the consumer’s experience.

Our values

PD Instore is built on a foundation of mission-driven values that empower our team, encourage collaboration, and expand the limits of what’s possible with our partners.
Familial Connections
We believe in the importance of creating lasting relationships where everyone is accepted and supported, without judgment.
Innovation Ideation Light Bulb

We believe that growth comes from embracing change, by introducing new ideas and fostering original and creative thinking.

Granting Authority_key

We believe in equipping our people with the best possible knowledge, tools, and resources they need to be stronger, confident, and self-determined.

high five

We believe in the power of working and evolving together, through an unwavering desire to support and partner with one another to succeed.

Our Leaders

Michael Strommen

Chief Executive Officer / Owner

photo of Jay Strommen, VP
Jay Strommen

Vice President / Owner

Emmie Strommen

Chief Culture Officer

Scott Ingram

Executive Strategist

Ross Thelen

Chief Operating Officer

Photo of Rick Stone, Sales Director
Richard Stone

Sales Director

Photo of Matt Frisk, Chief Financial Officer
Matthew Frisk

Chief Financial Officer

Photo of Kari McGill, HR Director
Kari McGill

Human Resources Director

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From imaginative thinkers to sharp problem-solvers to builders, crafters, and designers, we are practical creatives. Join us as we push the barriers for what’s possible in retail & brand experiences.